All CutiBase Ceramyd products are fragrance free, paraben free, non-greasy, hypoallergenic and have the same pH as skin. Rejuvenates natural oils and soothes irritated, dry skin.




Recommended by Canadian dermatologists and pharmacist

Cutibase Ceramyd creams and moisturizing lotion restore and protect the skin barrier thanks to a triple formulation of moisturizers and two protecting agents.

Cutibase Ceramyd offers a range of moisturizing creams to relieve skin dryness. They are quickly absorbed by the skin, are non-greasy, and markedly improve the condition of the skin.



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    Sales partner

    Distributor of high quality pharmaceutical products in Canada.

    Myriad Pharma distributes the Cutibase Ceramyd line of dermatological specialty products. These products are aimed at people with sensitive skin who experience symptoms of skin dryness.


    Cutimed, a company from Quebec, continues its expansion and growth thanks to the mounting popularity of its Cutibase Ceramyd® products that have now been winning the heart of consumers for six years. Cutimed feels compelled to continue the development of its line of moisturizing products by offering a complete range of formulations always at the forefront of dermatological skin care. These formulations are unscented, hypo-allergenic, paraben-free… and are priced affordably.

    The company now offers ten Cutibase Ceramyd® products, including the hand cream (protection against chapping and cracking caused by dry skin), moisturizing cream, moisturizing cream for children, protective barrier cream, body and face cleanser, and a cream for cracked heels.

    The company’s philosophy is to emphasize ingredients with moisturizing properties that rebuild, restore, and retain the skin’s moisture barrier. We incorporate a state-of-the-art ceramide complex in our range of products that stand out with their unique composition of physiological lipids.

    Cutibase Ceramyd® meets the demands of dermatologists who wish to recommend a non-drying formula with restorative properties for dry, irritated or sensitive skin – a formula that can safely be used by the entire family.